Quick Facts

Current Population Served

Approximately 6,500 people in southeast central/central North Dakota


  • 6 full time
  • 7 Board Members

Currently Providing Water Service in the Following Counties

  • Stutsman County
  • Foster County
  • Griggs County
  • Kidder County
  • Logan County
  • LaMoure County

Provide Bulk Service to the Following Cities

  • Montpelier
  • Cleveland
  • Woodworth

Provide Metered Water Service to the Following Cities

Adrian, Buchanan, Pingree, Melville, Sutton, Millarton, Alfred, Bordulac, Courtenay, Edmunds, Eldridge, Spiritwood, Windsor, Ypsilanti, Dickey, Pettibone, and 33 subdivisions in Jamestown Area. Also the Marina Campground, Pelican Point Campground and Smokey's Campground

Provide Industrial Water Service to the Following

  • Spiritwood Station Power Plant
  • Dakota Spirit AgEthanol Plant

Number of Users


Miles of Pipeline


Fiscal 2014/15 Water Sales Revenue (July1, 2018-June 30,2019)


Growth and Future Development

The Stutsman Rural Water District original system was constructed in 1985-86. In 2009, a feasibility study was completed. It was determined that there is a great need for quality water within our current system and expanding within our district boundaries. Many individuals had not yet had the opportunity to receive high quality water supply; poor water quality, arsenic contaminated water and limited water supplies are issues most rural residents contend with. The Project includes water source development, storage and delivery of potable water to approximately 1,100 rural families and the Communities of Woodworth and Dickey. It will also include modifications to the existing system's distribution system to provide additional capacity of water to areas that currently are experiencing pressures below 20 psi during peak times. The expansion project has been divided into several phases of construction.

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Phase 2

Phase 2 was two part, phase 2 and 2B, and began construction in 2012. Both Phase 2 and 2B were completed in October 2015. Phase 2 connected 329 users and added 281 miles of pipeline to the system, as well as two booster stations between Pingree and Woodworth. The city of Woodworth was also added to the system as part of this phase. Phase 2 was completed at a cost of $10.7 million, 70 percent of which was funded through a North Dakota State Water Commission cost-share grant, and the remainder through a USDA Rural Development loan.

Phase 2B was originally cut from the Phase 2 project, because grant funding was not available to construct the entire project. When it was later constructed, it connected 128 users, added 164 miles of pipeline, and constructed a 365,000-gallon standpipe tank near Woodworth. Phase 2B was completed at a cost of $5.4 million. It was funded through a 70 percent cost-share grant from the State Water Commission and a USDA Rural Development loan.

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Phase 3

Phase 3 of the expansion is currently under construction. This phase truly shows the cooperation between rural water systems and their dedication to getting water to those who need it despite system boundaries. "During Phase 3, we heard from a cattle producer in Kidder County who needed water. It turned out the customer was actually in South Central's service area, but South Central didn't have enough people along the way to make it feasible to bring water to this area. Distance between hookups needs to be less than two miles to make it feasible," says Geneva Kaiser, manager of Stutsman Rural Water. "But we had signups west of Medina, so it made sense to continue into Weisser Township in Kidder County."

This cattle producer and his son signed up six services of their own and heavily promoted rural water to· their neighbors. Stutsman Rural Water has now installed service to 40 users, including other cattle producers in the Crystal Springs area. These people were very excited to have the opportunity to obtain good-quality, dependable water for the first time. Southeast Water Users District also allowed the town of Dickey and several other users in its district to connect to Stutsman Rural Water as part of the Phase 3 project. Stutsman Rural Water has also connected to users to the Greater Ramsey Rural Water and Barnes Rural Water for their expansion projects. When Phase 3 is completed, it will add 384 miles of pipeline, and at least 392 users; Kaiser says she is receiving more sign-ups every week. It is scheduled to be completed August 2016 at a cost of $13 million, which is being funded through a 75 percent cost-share grant from the State Water Commission and a USDA Rural Development loan.

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Phase 4

Phase 4 of Stutsman's expansion includes the construction of a 600,000-gallon, 180-foot water tower west of Jamestown. The system's water treatment plant was also upgraded, increasing its capacity from 400 gallons per minute to 2,000 gallons per minute. A 312,000-gallon clear well addition was also constructed as part of this phase. Construction was completed earlier this year at a cost of $7 million. It was funded through loans from the State Revolving Fund and the North Dakota Public Finance Authority's Industrial Commission.

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Phase 5

Phase 5 is the last remaining phase of the Stutsman expansion, receiving final approval at the November 2015 State Water Commission meeting. Plans are to bid this project spring 2016. It consists of a 100,000-gallon underground storage addition to one of the system's reservoirs, a 600,000-gallon water tower east of Jamestown in the Spiritwood area and additional pipeline. Phase 5 will be funded with a 71 percent cost­share loan through the State Water Commission, and with loan dollars that have yet to be determined.

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